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I'm not sure how the final version is going to work out, but this past weekend reminded me GREATLY of the trip Mike Hearn and I made to Charlotte with Godzilla in '99.

That trip - fan clutch on the van quit on the way up, blew engine after two practice laps when the crank snout bolt backed out, we had no oil pressure and I couldn't see the little bitty light under my left hand (THAT is why we now have massive idiot lights!), fixed the fan clutch but then the A/C compressor packed up on the way home followed by a flat tire on the trailer when we stopped for dinner.

This trip - two flat rear tires on the F-550 last week before loading up, Dennis & I found another one when loading up Wednesday afternoon (Graham waited for us and repaired it), broke the crankshaft in Mildred during the second qualifying session on Friday, lost my right contact down the motel room sink Saturday morning (had a spare), Bob's Camaro retired early in Saturday's race with an overheating problem (appears to be a leak in the oil/water heat exchanger - thankfully he brought it in with the engine still running) so I wasn't able to drive it today and salvage at least SOME SARRC points out of the weekend, popped the FOURTH rear tire valve stem on the F-550 before leaving Virginia this morning, then a failing fuel pump limited us to 60 mph from Greenville to Woodstock.

The only thing you can do is laugh about it.

Not sure how this changes the plan, but we're still shooting for Barber in July as our next event with Lucifer, then probably the July single SARRC at Road Atlanta, the double at CMP in August and, if it happens, the single SARRC at AMS.  Daytona in August is NOT an option because they're tearing up the infield to build a new tunnel under Turn One that the 18-wheelers can fit through.

More later...