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VIR Weekend with TransAm

I’m not sure how it all originated, but I’ll have to admit I was intrigued when I saw the V8 Stock Cars (www.V8StockCar.com) were going to be a support series for the Grand Am weekend at VIRginia International Raceway the weekend of May 12-15. I knew the SCCA’s Trans-Am, Pro SRF and Pro FE cars were also on the schedule for the weekend, so I was especially surprised to find out SCCA Pro would be sanctioning the V8SC races as well. I was so curious to see how things would work out that I made plans to attend even though I didn’t have a racecar to drive.

Short story – I REALLY wish I had busted my derriere to get Cuervo (that’s our GTA car for new readers) back together in time to race this event! Quite simply, the weekend was a major, MAJOR rush and if it happens again in 2012 I’ll make every possible effort to take part.

Longer story – My original plan for our 2011 season was to focus our schedule around selected Trans-Am weekends, but when I put a pencil to what it’d take to get Cuervo compliant with the SCCA Pro requirements I was unable to justify that extra expense. One of the attractions of V8SC is we can run the same car we use for Club Racing (in fact most of the V8SC weekends are Double SARRC events), but I didn’t know what to expect at VIR so my efforts in the shop over the winter have been “inconsistent” at best. We HAVE made progress on repairs after the wreck that ended our season last year but it’ll probably be another month before we turn a wheel in anger. Not having that target event out there on the horizon has made it easy to put my feet up and watch “Bones” re-runs rather than heading out to the shop.

It ends up V8SC had a fifteen minute practice plus a 20 minute qualifying session on Friday, then two 20 minute races on Saturday followed by a 30 minute feature race on Sunday morning. A number of the Trans-Am teams figured out they could sign up for the V8SC sessions and get extra track time, so we ended up having eighteen cars head out for the qualifying session. It’s not often that we get to see a field of 18 ground-pounders coming to the green flag and when they first came around I was seriously wishing I was among them. Quite simply, it was a pretty spectacular show!

Some of the TA-1 drivers chose to save their cars for their big race, so sixteen cars took to the track for the first race Saturday morning in front of an estimated 30,000 spectators. There were a couple of episodes of agricultural racing in early laps but there were also some great battles throughout the field. Granted I’m hardly an impartial observer, but I thought it was a damn good show and I was disappointed not to be out there. Mechanical carnage and more guys saving their cars for the T/A race reduced the car count to ten for Saturday afternoon (which ran after the Grand Am “big shows” – which is the reason for the big crowd) and only seven took part in the feature race on Sunday morning, but that reduced car count was the only downer to the weekend.

I think a lot of the SCCA Club Racing regulars (including me) failed to sign up because they didn’t know what to expect, but if this event happens again next year we’ll be ready. VIR is one of the finest road racing tracks in the country, SCCA Pro did a great job conducting the sessions, the crowd was tremendous, and it was neat rubbing shoulders with the Pro teams in the paddock. All that adds up to this quickly becoming a destination event on the SCCA schedule.

We still need to put Cuervo back together after my abrupt encounter with Road Atlanta’s Turn Three wall last November, but we’re making progress toward that end. The engine is back in the repaired chassis and the transmission is ready to install, then I’ll take it down to the BJ Holley Racing shops in greater Jackson GA to finish things up. It’ll take awhile to assemble everything and make the necessary bodywork repairs, but the target event is a test day at Little Talladega in early June. Assuming that shakedown goes well we’re now looking at the following 2011 events: 



Fun Factor

Jun 11-12

Chase the Dragon HC

  Robbinsville, NC

Can share the car with Data and hill climbs are a LOT of fun!

Jul 16-17

Road Atlanta

Unfinished business at Turn Three

Aug 5-7


If you have to ask you won’t understand

Aug 20-21

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Race under the lights on Saturday night!

Sept 2-4

Barber Motorsports Park

See how we can do with the right rear gear

Oct 7-9

SARRC Invitational

Go to win the race, not ride to win the championship

Nov 4-6

ARRC by GRM at

  Road Atlanta

Biggest Club Racing event this side of the Runoffs

Depending on how things go we might skip some of these events or we might add some others. As always, if you’d like more information about any of them just let me know.

See y’all at the track…