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No Longer Working As SCCA Director of Club Racing

Some of you have seen this, but just in case you haven’t: http://www.scca.com/news/index.cfm?cid=51985

I’ll have more information about our plans the rest of the year as things develop, but right now the next confirmed event for BK Racing will be the ARRC by GRM at Road Atlanta the weekend of Oct 30-Nov 1. And since I won’t be going to the Runoffs we may also run the Track Trials event at Little Talladega the weekend of Oct 11-12. That said:

= = = = = = =


My directive from the beginning of this project was to elevate the status of “National” racing, and working together over the past two years I feel we have delivered a product that clearly differentiates our highest level of amateur competition from “just racing”. Certainly the most dramatic change was developing a schedule with fewer conflicting events which resulted in increased participation and competition. In addition we’ve increased consistency in event structure/operation and improved recognition of our drivers and events. 

Over the last two years I’ve very much enjoyed travelling all over the country working with our members and learning the nuances that make our club as varied and entertaining as it is. It’s certainly been challenging dealing with the wide variety of “strong personalities” I’ve encountered, but I feel we’ve overcome most of those challenges by first trying to understand the other person’s viewpoint and then working together to find a solution acceptable to both. And one thing I’ve NEVER forgotten even in the most frustrating times is those on the other side of the table are just as passionate about this club as I am. 

I do want to take this opportunity to make a few things clear:

  1. This was MY choice. I was not forced out, I was not nudged out, and no one invited me onto the balcony for a smoke break before blowing on me while I was light-headed. The best analogy I have come up is that when there’s a change in the head coach position some of the players may become uncomfortable with the new coach’s game plan. In my case I’ve now seen the playbook, I’m eligible for free agency, and I’ve elected to exercise that option. We haven’t signed the final contract yet, but I’m in negotiation with another team that values the data processing skills I’ve developed during 40 years of working in that field. I’m comfortable with my decision and ready to move forward.
  2. This is not a sudden development. I have been concerned about where I’d fit in and how I’d be allowed to operate pretty much since my friend Jeff Dahnert left, but now that the 2014 Majors season is winding down it was time to have a Come-to-Jesus meeting to find out where things stand. You guys know I’m pretty timid and avoid controversy at all costs, but I’ve been thinking about this for long enough that it was time to find out so I could decide how to proceed.
  3. We had a meeting in Topeka last Friday to discuss the Majors program for 2015 (and beyond). We still don’t know who will be heading things up going forward, but I don’t expect any Major (pun intended) changes to the number, format, or cost of those weekends. I’ll be returning to Topeka the week of Sept 8 and we have a goal of announcing the preliminary 2015 schedule by Sept 15.
  4. No one is right or wrong here, we just have different ways of doing things. I haven’t decided upon my next role yet, but I do plan to stay involved with the club in some aspect and very much wish for it to succeed. It’s gone through a lot of transformations over the last 70 years and this certainly is not the last one we’ll experience, but I DO expect it to survive in spite of itself. Hell, they may even name a trophy after me some day!

Although this means I’ll have to get a real job again, one thing I thought of earlier this week is at least I can once again post candid (some might call them smart-ass) remarks on the various forums without concern for being reprimanded for inappropriate behavior. Said another way, “Knotted Knickers ‘R’ Us” is back in bidness! :-)

I obviously will no longer have access to my scca.com account, but feel free to contact me at gt1vette@bellsouth.net going forward. I wish you good luck and (although it may be contrary to that wish), perhaps our paths will cross again in the future.

See y’all at the track…