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Monday Morning Hangover

First of all I’d like to thank all (five) of you that have replied offering your congratulations/condolences – it’s REALLY important to know who your friends are at times like these! <g>

To clear up some recurring questions from my original note last Friday:

  1. Over the next several months I will certainly be spending a LOT of time in Topeka (and at the race track, or the PRI show, or in Las Vegas – twist my arm, PLEASE!), but at least for the foreseeable future we will NOT be relocating to Kansas. Cuervo will remain in Woodstock GA and I’ll be home often to visit.
  2. I’ll miss the July 13-15 weekend at Road Atlanta because I’ll be in KS, but I still plan to run Charlotte in August, Barber in September, the SIC (probably) in October, and the ARRC by GRM in November.
  3. I’m giving up my position as Associate Pastor of the First Church of GTA, but I’ll still be involved in the movement. As I’ve said to many people many times, there’s no better bang for the buck in road racing.
  4. I will definitely continue sending out my BK Racing Updates on a fairly regular basis. 

A number of you have also asked “What’s the Majors program?”, so I dashed the following off and decided it was pretty good so I kept it. Recognizing that I can’t shoot completely from the hip as much as I’ve done in the past I sent it off to some folks asking for their input and it seemed to clarify the concept for many of them. At any rate, here’s my current speech: 

= = = = = =

One of the first things on my list is to develop an “elevator speech” describing the Majors program, but it’s seen as a step beyond the current SCCA National races. A couple of years ago the BoD decided the distinction between Regionals and National has blurred enough that everything has become “just races” so they wanted to put some sizzle back into the mix. The June Sprints and the ARRC by GRM are what they envision – victory laps, Victory Circle interviews, track announcer, Live T&S and Live Audio, etc. – but instead of the individual regions figuring that out on their own they want the National office to have more control over the events. The goal is fewer, more prestigious events with deeper competition in all classes and a consistency in “touch and feel” from event to event. 

= = = = = =

And finally for your viewing pleasure, one of my old Tallahassee buddies (Sandy Heath) sent me a link to a YouTube entry of something a couple of OTHER Tallahassee buddies (Chuck Davis and his brother) put together back in 1979 to promote the Tallahassee Corvette Association. Definitely low budget and DEFINITELY not scripted (plus I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the announcer’s picture on the bulletin board at the post office), but it gives you an idea of how long I’ve been at this stuff (and how long I’ve sounded like a redneck). At any rate, enjoy:


See y’all at the track…