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A Job Opening I NEVER Expected

Some of you already know this, but a couple of weeks ago the following posting appeared in the “Careers at SCCA” page at SCCA.com (the National website). Now I’ll admit I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even though it failed to say “Applicants over 6’4” that drive a red #57 racecar will receive special consideration” I DID recognize that I possess a few of the skills they were seeking. So I submitted my resume and a week later was scheduled for a phone interview. Harriett coached me through some interviewing techniques (“Remember to breathe, it’s considered bad form to pass out when they ask you a question!”) so I managed to get past the first round of phone interviews, then Tuesday they flew me out to Topeka for face-to-face meetings with the National staff. They would ask a question, I’d delay while texting it to Harriett, then I’d read whatever answer she texted back to me. Obviously she provided some good answers, because they offered me the job!


Bottom line – I am now a Director of Club Racing responsible for managing the Club Racing Majors program. We still need to work out the details on how things will happen during the transition period, but since this will be my new full-time job it’s certain that 2012 will be my last year as Competition Director for Atlanta Region. It also means I’ll be in Topeka for the last Majors event of the year so I’ll miss our July 13-15 weekend at Road Atlanta. That pretty much puts the kibosh on BK Racing’s chances of winning a fourth SARRC GTA title this year, but I’m pretty sure Roger Penske wasn’t going to call even if we won TWELVE of those suckers. I officially start on July 13 and we won’t be moving to Topeka tomorrow, but obviously I’ll be spending a lot of my time there while we get the program running.


As Harriett said when this opportunity first presented itself, this is something I’ve been working toward pretty much my entire life. Not only am I getting to do something I’m passionate about (racing) but I’m getting paid to do so. I got back from Topeka late last night and this morning when I woke up I said, “Baby, you won’t believe the great dream I just had!”


I’m sure I’ll have more later as things sink in but for right now the only thing I can say is,




= = = = =


POSITION:  Director of Club Racing


REPORTS TO: Vice President of Club Racing


JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for managing the Club Racing Majors Program


The following statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and do not include other nonessential or peripheral duties that may be required.  SCCA retains the right to modify or change the duties or essential functions of the job at any time.


Manage Club Racing Majors Program

  • Assist with the selection and hiring of the Majors Zone Managers Field Staff
  • Provide program coordination, support and oversight to Zone Managers
  • Coordinate with SCCA staff, Majors Zone Managers and Regions to determine the annual Majors Event Schedule
  • Assist Regions in their selection of “Event in a Box” Majors components for each event
  • Determine the event entry fees/ prepare event financial recaps
  • Order event recognition items (flags, trophies, towels, etc.)
  • Order series championship materials (trophies)
  • Coordinate Series finale banquet 
  • Assist Marketing Department with the posting and updating of Website and Facebook information
  • Assist Marketing Department with Driver Advocate mailings
  • Attendance at pre-determined events
  • Conduct post-event reviews with regions

Experience and Training:

  • Minimum Education: Bachelors degree or equivalent experience.
  • Special Training or Experience: Familiarity with SCCA Club Racing program or similar motorsports experience. Experience at the SCCA Region level with region operations and experience with driver population a plus.