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Roebling & Road Atlanta In-Car Videos

Jay got the videos posted to YouTube and I have to admit I really like the picture the GoPro gives us.  It provides a wider angle so you can better see what the driver is doing plus it’s still clear out the front of the car.  And since we’ve got it mounted at eye level you can pretty much see what we’re seeing in the mirror.

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General comments about Roebling Road:

  • After watching these I’ve made a note to tie down the wiring bundle by the passenger door.  It doesn’t bother me while driving but it’s distracting while watching the video.
  • In both our videos look at the oil pressure gauge below our left hand.  Smokey Yunick said you want 10 psi for each 1000 RPM, yet on many laps it’s bouncing between 20 & 40 psi and that’s due to not enough oil in the dry sump tank – Chief Mechanic (me!) error.  We’ll find out for sure later, but I think that’s what hurt the engine.
  • I don’t care what you say, a small block Chevy at 7000 RPM sounds good!!!

Jay’s Saturday drive at Roebling Road: http://youtu.be/FWi_w2SM7-c

  • I told him to start in second gear but didn’t realize the front row would be coming to the green so slow.  He really should have been in first and if he’d gotten a better jump he MIGHT have been able to outrun BJ (the white #53 beside him) to Turn 1.  As it was, Andrew Rains (red #44) gets a helluva jump and passes both of them.
  • The white Porsche is chasing Jay early and gets a run when Jay shifts to first rather than third going up the rise towards Turn 9, then passes him under braking for Turn 1.  The Porsche then passes BJ the next lap leaving BJ in fifth and Jay in sixth.
  • Vern Smith (orange #59 with a white nose) takes up residence on Jay’s (who’s right on BJ) bumper, so three stock cars are running nose-to-tail.
  • About 10:00 Jay gets a run on BJ and “thinks” about sticking his nose in at One, but remembers that BJ is a retired state trooper with guns readily available to him. <g>
  • Jay then hits traffic in Turn 9 which allows Vern to get a better run through the corner and pass Jay into One.  I had also radioed to Jay that he let Vern by since Vern and BJ are both running GTA and we were in SPO (and leading) for that race.  No sense in messing up somebody else’s race when you’re running all alone.
  • Our trio catches a silver Porsche going into One, then at the exit of Two there’s a waving yellow for the white Porsche that spun and is sitting driver’s left.  Everybody makes it through and moves up a spot.
  • On the white flag lap Vern gets a run on BJ into One and they ALMOST get together!  Jay gets a run on Vern as they’re coming to the checker but comes up short at the line.

My Sunday afternoon drive at Roebling Road: http://youtu.be/g9XJ3d8QxgE

  • The car sounds crisper because we re-geared after Jay’s race on Saturday.  Jay never hit the rev limiter in fourth so we went from a 3.48 to a 3.64 to give the car a bit better acceleration.
  • Andrew again beats us to Turn 1, but I was able to stay with him on the back side (while also remembering which gear to be in where).  He’d leave me on the front straight, though.
  • That’s not smoke but fuel coming out the overflow vent on the left side of Andrew’s car.  I mentioned on the radio and Jay it was happening on Saturday as well (I’ve since sent a note to Andrew suggesting they look at changing the vent).
  • I’m staying close until we hit traffic, but what traffic taketh way it also returneth.  In the closing laps I’m slowly catching Andrew and then he comes up on my buddy Dainton Brooks (red/white/blue Mustang) coming out of Five.  I’m “hoping” Dainton will go wide on the run up to Nine but he gives both of us room.  I take one last shot at the #44 but come up a car length short at the checkers.

= = = = =

General comments about Road Atlanta:

  • Notice the oil pressure gauge here – nice solid 60 psi regardless of the conditions.  Unfortunately though, I think the damage was already done two weeks earlier at Roebling.

Jay on Saturday: http://youtu.be/WLPOaGZLo4E

  • 0:30 – a bit of a buzz when the blue car goes off driver’s left in Turn 1 moving Jay up to second in SPO.
  • 3:00 – Jay’s family is watching from Spectator Hill overlooking Turn 5, so I’m not sure WHO he’s waving to so vigorously at Turn 8.  Maybe his girlfriend?
  • Jay then settles into a rhythm until about the 13:15 mark when I radio him the #44 car (Andrew again) is coming but he “probably won’t catch you.”  I then heard a garbled message from Jay’s wife Erin who’s spotting while hanging out with the rest of the family at Turn 5.  Given that she’s a SERIOUS Alabama fan, in retrospect she might have said, “If you let that boy from Auburn pass you you’ll be sleeping in your truck all next week!” J   Whatever she said it worked because he definitely gets up on the wheel and turns our best lap of the weekend, a 1:34.794.

BK’s race on Sunday: http://youtu.be/YFOduWH2Kg8 

  • We get a wave off the first time down the hill, which is a good thing was I was lolly-gagging around rather than getting ready to race.
  • At the green I’m closer to the pack but get outrun into Turn 1 by Harry Hinkle in the blue Cup car and Ken Olsen in the purple Panoz.  I hang close in the Esses but both of them hang me out to dry on the back straight.
  • 4:40 – Ken gets up on the rumble strips on the exit of Turn 5 and exits stage right.  He was fine but was out of the race on the spot.  I can catch Harry in the turns but that NASCAR horsepower has me blowing on the windshield going down the back straight!
  • 13:35 – I almost run it off the road in 10-A, but recover and continue.
  • 15:03 – Ricky Sanders (who spent a couple of laps in the pits with the car stuck in second gear) comes by in his GT-2 (TA-2) Camaro.
  • Next lap I feel the engine starting to tighten up and come into the pits with one lap left.  Still finished seventh overall and fourth (of seven) in GTA, but while the engine is still running I know it’s time to take it out.

= = = = =

The engine is out and yesterday (July 27) I took it to Asheville and delivered it to Lee Schwartz of FlowTech Engines (828-650-6606).  When we get it back depends on what he finds when he opens it up, but if we get a chance to test it locally we might make a couple more events before the end of the year.

See y’all at the track…