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Date Event Best Lap Place in Class Comments
- 2015 - (Cuervo)      
Mar NOLA Majors 1:53.215 7th, 4th (BK)  
  Road Atlanta Majors 1:33.926 9th, 7th (BK) Chitwood audition (Sat)
Apr VIR Majors 2:09.670 10th, DNS (BK) Runoffs invitation secured
May VIR Double SARRC 2:03.986 5th, DNS (Jay) Rain on Sunday
Jul Roebling Dbl SARRC 1:17.500 DNF, DNS (Jay) Axle (Sat), Rain (Sun)
  Road Atl Dbl SARRC 1:33.377 2nd, 1st (Jay)  
Aug MIS Majors 1:19.463 4th, DNS (BK) Brakes need cooling!
Sep Daytona Runoffs 2:00.044 18th (BK) Thurs PM - rebuilt nose
- 2014 - (Cuervo)      
Jul Roebling Dbl SARRC 1:16.702 1st SPO (Jay)  
    1:15.496 3rd GTA (BK)  
Jul Road Atl Dbl SARRC 1:34.794 2nd SPO (Jay)  
    1:36.327 4th GTA (BK) Engine seizing up?
Aug * - Resigned as SCCA Director of Club Racing  
Nov ARRC by GRM 1:33.033 4th GTA (BK) Great race w/ R.Haney
    1:31.387 4th GT2 (Jay) Ditto
- 2013 - (Cuervo)      
May MIS Majors 1:22.845 1st New track record!
Jun 58th June Sprints 2:32.896 5th Wow, what a track!!!
Aug Gateway Majors 1:07.166 1st GT1 (ML) Shared Cuervo w/
    1:08.636 2nd GT2 (BK) Mike Lewis
Nov ARRC by GRM 1:32.921 1st ARRC GTA Champion
- 2012 - (Cuervo)      
May Daytona SARRC 2:04.017 6th  
  Road Atlanta SARRC 1:32.682 DNS Brake issues
Jun Chase the Dragon HC 2:08.245 1st GT1 (BK)  
    2:17.507 1st GTA (Data)  
Jul * - Accepted job as SCCA Director of Club Racing  
Aug Charlotte Dbl SARRC 1:17.352 4th; 2nd "Under the Lights" is COOL!!!
Sep Barber Dbl SARRC 1:41.426 2nd; 3rd Underweight? Me?
Nov ARRC by GRM 1:33.290 4th Brake pads & Jerico issues
- 2011 - (Cuervo)      
Jul Road Atl Dbl SARRC 1:33.174 1st; DNF Augered in at T-5 on Sunday
- 2010 - (Cuervo)      
Feb Sebring Long Course 2:18.634 6th Oh yeah - new brake pads!
May VIR Double SARRC 2:04.756 5th, DNS Wrecked on last lap on Sat.
Jun NSS Double SARRC 1:05.993 1st; 2nd Good races with Bobby Reuse
Jul Roebling Dbl SARRC 1:16.276 1st; 1st  
  Road Atl Dbl SARRC 1:31.671 8th, DNS Broke Jerico in Sunday Qual
Sep Barber Dbl SARRC 1:40.497 2nd; 1st  
  WGI "Fun One" 2:06.350 1st (and last) Got to run an iconic track!
Oct SARRC Invitational 1:15.791 5th  Third SARRC GTA Championship
Nov ARRC by GRM 1:30.602 DNF Broke RR suspension at T-3
- 2009 - (Cuervo)      
Feb Road Atlanta SARRC 1:32.807 1st  
May Nashville TT 1:05.520 1st GT1 (BK)  
    1:07.514 1st GTA (Data)  
  Summit Point, WV 1:22.248 DNF Dropped a valve
Jun NSS Double SARRC 1:07.100 1st; 1st  
- 2008 - (Cuervo)      
May CMP Double SARRC 1:41.422 2nd; 1st  
Jun NSS Double SARRC 1:06.498 1st; 2nd  
Jul Road Atlanta SARRC no time DNS  
Nov ARRC by GRM 1:32.516 11th  
- 2007 - (Cuervo)      
Apr CMP Double SARRC 1:49.159 3rd Rear toe out is NOT good
Jun Road Atlanta SARRC 1:35.134 1st  
Jul Barber Double SARRC 1:42.112 1st; 2nd  
  Road Atlanta SARRC 1:37.267 1st  
Sep NSS Double SARRC 1:05.634 1st; 2nd  
  SARRC Invitational 1:16.947 6th Second SARRC GTA Championship
Nov ARRC by GRM - DNS  
- 2006 - (Cuervo)      
Apr Roebling Double SARRC 1:19.291 DNS; 1st  
May VIR Double SARRC 2:09.032 1st; 1st  
  CMP Double SARRC 1:47.908 1st; DNS  
Jun Charlotte SARRC 1:20.265 3rd  
Jul Road Atlanta SARRC 1:36.624 2nd  
Aug Blue Ridge Hill Climb 53.40 1st Lawn mower races, too!
Sep NSS Double SARRC 1:06.070 1st; 1st  
  SARRC Invitational 1:16.553 1st First SARRC GTA Championship
Nov ARRC   DNF  
- 2005 - (Lucifer/Cuervo)      
Apr TGPRi Test Day     Customer wrecks Lucifer
Jul Roebling Double SARRC 1:17.298 2nd; 2nd First outing in a taxicab
  Road Atlanta SARRC 1:35.546 1st  
Aug Daytona SARRC 2:01.668 6th  
Oct Nashville TT 1:06.151 1st GT1 (BK)  
    1:15.098 (Data)  
  VIR SARRC - DNF Electrical issues
Nov ARRC 1:33.702 3rd Started from back
- 2004 - (Lucifer)      
Mar Road Atlanta SARRC 1:31.558 1st OA!  
May VIR Double SARRC 1:57+ DNS Broken crankshaft
Jul Barber Double SARRC 1:35.207 4th; 5th Spun from 1st on last lap!
Nov ARRC 1:28.504 2nd; 3rd  
- 2003 - (Lucifer)      
Nov ARRC 1:30.053 1st OA! Spin and Win!
- 2002 - (Lucifer)      
Mar Road Atlanta National 1:49.459 2nd Rain & PLN
Jun Road Atlanta National 1:33.651 5th  
Jul Roebling Dbl National 1:14.027 5th; 3rd Earned Runoffs invitation
Aug Daytona  2:14.552 3rd; 3rd Off probation
  Mid-Ohio test day 1:31+ n/a Wrecked when throttle stuck
- 2001 - (Lucifer/Godzilla)      
Mar Roebling National 1:12.282 2nd  
  Road Atlanta National 1:29.660 DNS Blew engine in Qual
May Beech Mtn Hill Climb 1:19.822 2nd Last run with Godzilla
Jun Road Atlanta National 1:31.333 1st  
Aug VIR National 2:02.688 3rd  
  Mid-Ohio National 1:33.762 7th  
Nov ARRC 1:30.884 1st OA!  
  NCCC TT at Roebling 1:14.222 FTD New NCCC overall record!
- 2000 - (Godzilla/Lucifer)      
Jan Sebring National 1:13.968 7th  
Mar Roebling National 1:16.126 3rd  
Apr Road Atlanta National 1:33.480 DNS Blew engine in Qual
May Beech Mtn Hill Climb 1:18.276 1st  
  Skelly Solo I 1:24.650 1st  
Jun Road Atlanta National 1:33.890 DNS Broke rear end in Qual
Jul Roebling Dbl National 1:16.800 6th; 5th  
Aug Roebling Solo I 1:16.130 FTD  
  Mid-Ohio National 1:37.802 DNF Learned a lot!
Sep Peach State Solo I 1:12.892 1st  
  Kershaw Test Day 1:37.540 n/a First drive in Lucifer - WOW!
  Mid-Ohio Regional 1:41.313 2nd Damp track in only session
Oct Runoffs (Mid-Ohio) 1:33.145 8th (of 24)  
  Talladega Solo I 58.178 FTD Overall new track record!
Nov VIR Solo I 1:13.788 1st Clinch GT-1 championship
- 1999 - (Godzilla)      
Mar Road Atlanta SARRC   2nd  
May Roebling Dbl SARRC   5th; 3rd  
  TGPRi Solo I   DNS Broke rear end on Friday
Jun Charlotte SARRC   DNS Blew engine in qualifying
Aug Daytona Dbl SARRC 2:07.596 3rd; 3rd Wow - what a RUSH!!!
Sep Road Atl Dbl SARRC 1:35.705 DNF; 2nd Run off road in Race #1
  SARRC Invitational 1:15.455 2nd Led all but the most important lap!
Nov Roebling Solo I 1:15.314 1st  
- 1998 - (Godzilla)      
Mar TGPRi School 1:02.??? 2nd Wiped cam lobes
May Beech Mtn Hill Climb 1:23.678 1st Bad weather
  Road Atlanta SARRC 1:37.487 1st First road race since 1985
  Skelly Solo I 1:26.970 1st  
Jun Charlotte SARRC 1:19.500 DNF Broke rear end
Aug Road Atlanta Solo I 1:37.911 2nd  
  Concord Solo I 1:14.720 1st  
Sep Road Atl Dbl SARRC 1:35.7?? 6th; 6th  
Oct Whitehouse NCCC   FTD  
  TGPRi Solo I 59.110 FTD First door-slammer under 1:00.000
Nov Roebling SARRC   2nd  
  Roebling Solo I 1:15.616 1st  
- 1997 - ('82; Godzilla)      
Apr TGPRi School 1:01.637 1st  
  Beech Mtn Hill Climb 1:19.407 1st  
Jul Road Atlanta Solo I 1:33.900 2nd Rolled '82 at Turn 5
Sep TGPRi test day 1:00.66 n/a First run with Godzilla
  Beech Mtn Hill Climb (slow) 1st (and last) Crunched nose when hung in gear
Oct TGPRi Solo I 1:01.355 2nd Blew head gasket
Nov Roebling Solo I 1:15.467 1st  
- 1996 - ('82 Corvette)      
Mar Sebring Solo I 1:16.386 1st (BK)  
    1:18.290 2nd (Pete) Pete's last drive (so far)
Apr Beech Mtn Hill Climb 1:20.133 1st  
Aug Road Atlanta Solo I DNF   - Wrecked at T-12 on first lap
Oct TGPRi Solo I 1:01.402 2nd  
Nov trip(s) to Toronto     Picked up new car (Godzilla)
  Roebling Solo I 1:17.294 1st (BK)  
Dec  Bainbridge Solo I 1:03.6?? FTD Next car was 1:06.0
- 1995 - ('82 Corvette)      
Apr Chimney Rock HC 2:03.290 2nd Last Chimney Rock Hill Climb
May Skelly Solo I 1:27.575 2nd (BK) Clutch issues all weekend
    1:27.683 3rd (Pete) Damn he's getting close! <g>
Jun Charlotte Solo I 1:21.670 1st  
Jul Road Atlanta Solo I 1:31.883 1st (BK)  
    1:35.523 3rd (Pete) Pete's first time at Road Atlanta
Aug TGPRi Solo I 1:03.046 1st (BK)  
Nov Roebling Solo I 1:17.006 1st (BK)  
    1:17.131 2nd (Pete) Spun (in rain) at T-3 on faster lap
- 1994 - ('82 Corvette)      
Apr Chimney Rock HC 1:59.337 2nd First time back at CR since wreck
Jul Road Atlanta Solo I 1:30.017 1st Second OA to Phil Currin
Aug TGPRi Solo I 1:00.784 1st (BK) First shared ride with Pete (son)
    1:03.590 2nd (Pete)  
Sep Skelly Solo I 1:26.766 1st (BK)  
    1:27.400 2nd (Pete) Pete's getting closer!
Oct Sebring Solo I 1:16.404 1st  
Nov Roebling Solo I 1:16.638 1st (BK)  
    1:17.310 2nd (Pete)  
  Roebling NCCC 1:16.592 FTD Next car in 1:18's
- 1993 - ('82 Corvette)      
Mar * - Married Harriett Davidson!!!   <3,<3,<3
Aug Road Atlanta Solo I 1:32.579 1st First run in '82 Corvette
  TGPRi Solo I 1:02.175 2nd  
Nov Roebling Solo I 1:20.976   Found cracked LR upright
- 1993 -        
May * - Met Harriett Davidson   <3
Oct * - Proposed to Harriett Davidson   <3,<3
- 1991 - ('69 Corvette)      
Apr Chimney Rock HC 2:11.752 2nd Totalled car going up to Stone House
  Two weeks later     Pick up '82 in Chicago w/ Don Atwell
- 1990 - ('69 Corvette)      
Jul Road Atlanta Solo I 1:33.963 1st  
Aug TGPRi Solo I 1:02.371 1st  
- 1989 - ('69 Corvette)      
Apr Chimney Rock HC 2:00.553 2nd Lost to Mike Baumgardner's TR-8
Jul Road Atlanta Solo I 1:37.032 1st  
Aug TGPRi Solo I 1:03.003 1st Blew engine in a BIG way!
- 1987 - ('69 Corvette)      
Jul Road Atlanta Solo I 1:41.280 ??? First event in over a year
Aug TGPRi Solo I 1:03.055 1st  
- 1986 - ('69 Corvette)      
Apr Chimney Rock HC 2:00.638 1st Transmission issues
Aug       Moved from TLH to ATL
- 1985 - ('69 Corvette)      
Apr Chimney Rock HC 1:58.740 1st Fastest door-slammer EVER at CR!
- 1984 - ('69 Corvette)      
Apr Rd Atl Drivers' School 1:31.7?? signed off Blew L-88 on last lap; installed LT-1
Apr Chimney Rock HC 2:00.757 1st GT-1 hill record
- 1983 - ('69 L-88 Corvette)     Working in Kentucky all year
Apr Chimney Rock HC 2:03.151 1st  
Jul Road Atlanta Solo I 1:33.830 1st  
- 1982 - ('69 L-88 Corvette)      
Apr Chimney Rock HC 2:03.315 1st Chimney Rock Rookie
Jul Road Atlanta Solo I 1:35.458 1st  
Nov Roebling Solo I 1:16.490 FTD New ASR track record