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Products & Services:

By drawing on a wealth of racing experience gained since 1969, B.K. Racing can help YOU go faster whether you’re running parking lots or full-blown road racing circuits.  Following is a list of the services we can provide:

Marketing Partnership

The B.K. Racing Monte Carlo is arguably the winningest GTA in the Southeast while the crew members are all college educated, professional & well-spoken.  And while not quite as famous as Joe Gibbs or Lou Holtz, Butch Kummer has an energetic personality and an infectious enthusiasm for life that he communicates to a wide variety of audiences.

The entire B.K. Racing effort would be a excellent representative for your company.

Racecar Prep

Based out of our shops in Woodstock, GA, we can do minor projects for your racecar such as routine maintenance and chassis set-up, plus we can accomplish major construction projects such as roll cages, component fabrication and vehicle assembly.  Most of our experience is with tube-frame GT cars, but we’ve worked on formula cars, Spec Racers and many makes of Improved Touring machines. 

   $50 per hour
Racecar Hauling

Since it currently supports a GTA Monte Carlo, our Chevy 3500 dually and 28’ trailer is large enough to haul your vehicle and support equipment on any weekend that we’re not racing.  Once at the track, we can deploy the 20’ x 20’ awning that gives more than ample space and a pleasant environment for working on the car and/or entertaining visitors.  

  $1.00/mile + crew
Trackside Support

If you’ve never had an experienced crew assist you at track,  you have no idea how liberating it can be.  Instead of sweating the details between sessions, you can concentrate on de-briefing sessions and think about what it takes to go faster.

  Chief - $350/day

  Crew - $250/day

    + travel


Our driver coaches hold track records at multiple Southeast tracks and possess the skills to observe your driving habits and effectively communicate possible changes that will knock seconds off your average lap time.  You can view what’s happening from behind the steering wheel, but they can tell you what’s happening from outside the car and compare it to others in the same or similar vehicles.  World-class athletes have coaches, why can’t you?


    + travel



Our GTA car is available for rental to qualified drivers for lapping days, drivers’ schools, Regional races and even National races if desired.  Weekends start at about $3000 depending on the type of event, number of days needed and services required.

Additional vehicles will be added to our fleet in the future.