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"The Plan" (post RRR wreck)

Executive Summary:

After my ill-fated attempt to imitate the Dukes of Hazzard we explored a number of options (one of which was hanging up my helmet) and we now finally have a plan to get Cuervo back together. I'm not sure when he'll actually turn a wheel in anger again, but late July (yes, of 2017) is the current goal.

Longer (but very short for me) Version:

Just to refresh your memories, here's the link to the in-car video of the last time I drove Cuervo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ICodRYxBuk

Even before we'd pulled Cuervo out of the woods I called Harriett to let her know I was okay, and during that conversation mentioned I was considering selling everything and hanging up my helmet. We've been married almost 25 years and she knows how important racing has been to me, so she immediately reminded me, "You don't have to make a decision right now - you've got PLENTY of time to calm down and think things over. You've taken breaks from racing in the past and there's no reason you can't do that again."

Have I mentioned recently that I'm crazy about that woman?

Those helping me load up after the event said it didn't appear the frame was bent and it looked that way to us after a careful inspection, so we ordered a bunch of new body panels from Five Star and took everything down to BJ Holley's Racecar Emporium & Spa in Jackson GA. BJ agreed with the initial assessment, but after putting Cuervo up on jack stands he found the right front frame horn was about 1" higher than the left one even though none of us could find a kink in the frame rail. Howe no longer makes a front clip for that chassis (and didn't have an old one is stock), so we looked at buying a roller (that's a car less engine and transmissionfor the laymen in the crowd) and tranfering the good stuff from Cuervo. Before we commited to that plan BJ called his buddy Gene Roberts at AROB Performance Group in Monroe GA, and after looking at things Gene said they could put things back together better than they'd been before but it would be a couple of weeks before they could get to it. I replied that Roger Penske had deleted me from his speed dial years ago so there's no rush to get things done, then gave Gene the green light to make it happen! Not only will I/we get to keep the "history" that is Cuervo (and a car that I'm comfortable with), but it would be about half the cost of making one car out of two and a WHOLE lot less work on my part. It was a week ago (June 8) that Gene said it'd be two weeks before he could get started, so we're optimistic we'll get back on the track before the end of the year. The good news is we finally (after 40 days of wandering around in the wilderness) have a plan!!! It's important to me to have a plan.

Subject to the whims of the racing gods, here are the (VERY TENTATIVE) plans for the rest of the 2017 BK Racing season:

  • Jul 6-9 - Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (attend to promote the V8 Road Racing Series)
  • Aug 11,12 - Charlotte Motor Speedway (Regional/V8)
  • Aug 26,27 - Barber Motorsports Park (Regional/V8)
  • Sep 16,17 - Watkins Glen (Regional/V8)
  • Sep 28-Oct 1 - spectate at the SCCA Runoffs (also V8) at Indy
  • Oct 13-15 - VIRginia International Raceway (Regional/V8 Finale)
  • Nov 3-5 - ARRC (Road Atlanta)

See y'all at the track…