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October 13

At 4:30 yesterday afternoon, more than a year after his encounter with the Turn One wall at Mid-Ohio, Lucifer breathed fire once again. There appear to be no major leaks (just a bit of seepage), we've got good oil pressure and the engine (Meredith) sounds magnificent! He's still not moving under his own power and there's still a bunch to be done before we're ready for the test day at CMP on Friday, but I believe all that's doable (assuming the missing parts are located, which I'm confident they will be).

In other good news, Rich called from Little Talladega at noon to report that the TransAm Valdez was still running, he was two tenths ahead of Wayne Cabaniss and that he was overwhelmed by congratulations from multiple parties that his car looked like it would make it through an entire weekend! Haven't heard the final outcome, but he was feeling good when he called.

I'll be in the shop every night this week for those that want to help out.
The goal is still to head out for Lugoff after work on Thursday.

See ya...

October 20

After being out of action for over a year, the B.K. Racing Corvette (aka -
Lucifer) turned laps under his own power at Carolina Motorsports Park on Friday, Oct. 17. We didn't go far and we didn't go especially fast, but we were out there. Best of all, we loaded the car into the trailer in one piece when it was over (unlike the previous outing at Mid-Ohio in August of 2002). We identified some oil control "challenges" that need to be overcome, but we feel confident they'll be resolved quickly.

Next event is the American Road Race of Champions at Road Atlanta on Nov.
7-9. For those that may be interested in attending, we qualify on Friday and race on Saturday. Let me know if you'd like more information.

See you at the track...