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Both of you that were paying attention (and didn't delete the e-mail) mayremember I was placed on probation for three events after my ill-advisedpassing attempt during Saturday's race at Savannah over July 4th weekend.The race on Sunday counted as my first event, so I really wanted to get twomore races in before heading off to Ohio the end of August.  It just sohappened there was a two-race weekend at Daytona on Aug. 3,4, I loverunning Daytona and I could work in a family visit (the folks are inOrlando) besides.  The only problem is/was finding something to drive sincewe needed to take Lucifer apart to get him ready for the Runoffs.  To therescue rode Joe Hooker and Meredith Haupt with Turn One Motorsports(http://www.turn1motorsports.com) of Kershaw, SC.

I've raced against Joe many times over the last five years and would diveinto any corner beside him.  He used to drive an RX-7 in GT-2, but over thepast three years has become the organizer/promoter of the GTA East seriesfor big Detroit iron.  The GTA cars are relatively low cost because theyrely heavily on short-track stock car technology.  The rules (and cost) limitations keep them from being competitive with National-level GT-1 cars, but they makethe right noises, are rear-wheel drive, look like "real" racecars and haveenough horsepower to get you in trouble if you're not careful.  After aquick trip to their shops at the gates of Carolina Motorsports Park(Kershaw) to make sure I had enough room, I signed up to drive one of theirschool cars at Daytona.

Short story - I started 29th of 53 on Saturday and finished 15th, while onSunday I started 20th of 47 and ended up 21st.  I had worked my way up to13th overall on Sunday but looped the car when I hit some oil in Turn 1(yes I know that no one else spun, but that's my story and I'm sticking toit!).  My best lap of the weekend was a 2:14.5, which I didn't think wastoo bad with a 3000# car and 355 horsepower (a top-flight GT-1 car will run1:58's, but they weigh 2700# with almost 700 hp).  The most important thingwas that I came back with all body panels unscathed and got signed off ofprobation, but the car was an absolute hoot to drive as well.  Add in thepositive experience of dealing with a professional organization like TurnOne and it was an extremely successful weekend.

If you're thinking about getting into a GT-1 type car at any point in yourfuture I'd HIGHLY (!!!) recommend you consider the GTA series.  The carsare durable, relatively low cost, responsive, predictable, sound right and,perhaps most important, there are a gob of them out there to race with (wehad ten GTA cars running at Daytona and the numbers are increasing eachyear).  At Daytona there were fifteen cars within a second of me eitherway, which made for some interesting moments when dealing with traffic.There's no such thing as affordable racing, but if you want to run bigDetroit Iron this is the best place to play.

And if you're uncertain, Turn One offers driving instruction and test dayswhere you can drive the cars and see if it's for you.  Two drivers atDaytona started out in the schools, decided they were having a blast andgraduated to full-blown GTA cars during the season.  As I wrote once beforeon the GT1DA website, if I didn't already have Pete's inheritance tied upin Lucifer, I'd probably be driving at GTA car today.  Check it out.

Next event for B.K. Racing is the test day & National at Mid-Ohio on Aug.23-25.  The results from that will tell us whether or not we're incontention for the GT-1 National Championship Sept. 15-22,

so stay tuned...