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"The Wrench Turners"

(L to R - Harriett Kummer, Butch Kummer, Mike Eakin, Eric Bartel, Dennis McClintock)

Although B.K. Racing was essentially a one-man show for a number of years, it is absolutely impossible to remain competitive at our current level without a LOT of help.  They’re a good group of people to work for, and I just try to keep from embarrassing them too badly.  In alphabetical order:

Eric Bartel – “Data”

I first met Eric in the van pool we shared from Cherokee County to The Home Depot offices in Vinings, then we soon discovered our mutual interest in racing.  Eric helps with the between event maintenance on the car, but on weekends is primarily responsible for the data acquisition system that we’ve installed on the car (hence his nickname).  He has also driven Cuervo as various Time Trial events throughout the southeast and may someday actually get his own car.  A zipperhead by trade, he has an in-depth knowledge of PC’s and electronics and is also the creator of this website.

Mike Eakin – Crew Chief

Also known as the Purple Frog, Mike is a college buddy that first introduced me to the concept of the VW beetle as a performance car back in ’69.  Mike’s worked with a number of professional racing teams over the years, so he brings a great deal of organizational and mechanical skills to the program.  He’s also run a series of Reynards and a Tatuus in the SCCA Regional and National wars, so he can relate to “what it’s like out there” and remind me of key things to pay attention to during the race.  Finally, he is the unofficial team photographer and, as one of the most artistic people I know, takes pictures of things I never even see.

Harriett D. Kummer – The Boss

Borrowing from George Jones, “she’s long and lean, every young man’s dream, and she turns every head in town”.  Smart, independent and striking, she understands my passion and encourages me to pursue it. On race weekends she monitors race control and supplies that information to our team commuications, times laps, reminds the driver to eat and generally brightens up our paddock space.  It’s also perfectly acceptable to wonder why she chooses to hang out with me, I do it all the time.

Dennis McClintock – Lead Mechanic
An addition to the team partway through the 2001 season, Dennis started out as Team Gopher and quickly worked his way toward becoming Chief Parts Washer.  Dennis is an excellent mechanic who also has an engineering background (do you sense a pattern developing here?) and is eager to learn more about racing.  He was heavily involved in the 2002 pre-season freshening, uses the internet to extensively research casually mentioned topics and is ALMOST as list-oriented as the driver.  Also the perpetual recipient of the team’s “Energizer Bunny Award”, he NEVER sits still over an entire race weekend (he keeps going, and going, and going…).

Entire team from 2002:

L to R - Eric Bartel ("Data"), Eric Roberts ("Gramps"), Charlie Johnson, BK, Harriett ("the Boss"), Mike Eakin ("Purple Frog"), Mike Hearn, Dennis McClintock, Duane Neyer