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Fellow Enthusiasts,

Those of you that have spent much time around me will no doubt acknowledge the words "subtle" and "Butch Kummer" have probably NEVER been used together in the same sentence. Over the years I've tried to become more diplomatic in my communications (instead of "That's the stupidist frigging thing I've ever heard!" I now might say "Have you thought about this as an option?"), but when I have an opinion on something I still tend to say what I think. With that introduction, I offer my first BK Racing Update of 2017 for your consideration: 

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Longtime readers might remember that I had expressed an interest in discussing the vacant-since-last-August SCCA Presidency with the club's Board of Directors.  As I write this I don't know who will be the next President,  but as of Wednesday, January 25, 2017, I know for sure it will not be me. I was pretty pumped up at the SCCA National Convention after Chairman Hill reported "they" were looking for someone to rebuild the relationship(s) between the National Office and the regions. Foolishly I believed my years of successes across multiple disciplines at the regional, divisional, and national levels of the club would merit consideration for the job, but four days later I was informed that I am not one of ten candidates chosen for face-to-face interviews. And not only am I not in those ten, I also was not even among the subset of applicants from whom the Final Five were selected.

Before I received that disappointing news I renewed my SCCA membership along with my Competition license for two years. I will continue to work with individual organizations and racers to build the V8 Road Racing Series Powered by WCIParts.com (www.V8RRS.com) and also monitor the GTA rules. The 2017 V8RRS by WCIParts.com schedule has been developed primarily around SCCA events so I'll be at many of those events while also attempting to qualify for the 2017 SCCA Runoffs ® at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I don't know yet if I'll spend the ten days to actually participate at Indy, but if I've earned an invitation then I don't have to make a final decision until August or so.

To that end, here are the current (very tentative) plans for 2017 BK Racing season:

  • Feb 17-19 - SCCA/SVRA Driver's School at Roebling Road
  • Mar 10-12 - Road Atlanta (Majors/V8)
  • Apr 22,23 - Roebling Road (Regional/V8)
  • Jun 16-18 - Summit Point (Regional/V8)
  • Jul 6-9 - Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (V8)
  • Jul 28-30 - Road America (Majors/V8)
  • Sep 15-Oct 1 - SCCA Runoffs (also V8)
  • Oct 13-15 - VIRginia International Raceway (Regional/V8 Finale)
  • Nov 3-5 - ARRC (Road Atlanta)

Additional plans past March are subject to the results from the Roebling school.  My buddy and racing partner Allan Kosloski will be attending that school in one of OPM's Spec Miatas, and we will certainly be adding/modifying our schedule based on what he is comfortable with after successfully completing (hopefully) the school. 

See y'all at the track...