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2016 Summary

Early in 2016 we ended up spending a lot of time getting the V8 Road Racing Series (http://www.v8rrs.com/) organized, then the second half of the we waited for the SCCA Board of Directors to determine what they wanted in their next President. But I also got some racing in as well, plus we generated a fair amount of seat time for my buddy Allan Kosloski. I also switched over from GTA to GT2 halfway thru the year to give Mike Attaway some competition for class championship in V8RRS, but unfortunately fell short (so to speak) in that regard. Congratulations to Mike, a deserving champion!

By all measures V8RRS was a success and Allan is indeed "hooked" on this racing deal. In 2017 we'll work on growing the series plus I expect Allan to (a) get some time racing wheel-to-wheel in addition to gaining more experience with Time Trials and (b) get his SCCA Full Competition license before the year is done. I also hope the BoD to hire someone to lead the club going forward and as of now I'm interested in talking to them about the position, but that's completely out of my hands.

What I do know is, "I'm not bored..." <g>