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2014 Summary

2014 was definitely a year of change for BK Racing. As always the goal starting the year was winning another GTA SARRC Championship but the season took a dramatic turn around May, then yet another change came into play the end of August. You can read the details in each weekend report, but here's the shortened version:

Jay Gomer successfully completed the SCCA Drivers' School at Roebling Road in February in one of OPM's Spec Miatas, but his heart is really into big American V8's. Along about May he sent me a note asking if I knew anyone that would be interested in renting a stock car, so after thinking about it for awhile I replied that *I* would consider doing such a thing! We ended up working out a deal where he'd rent Cuervo for three Double SARRC weekends and he'd race on Saturday while I race on Sunday. If things went well I'd still be able to run enough races to contend for the GTA championship while he'd get enough races in to obtain his Full Competition license and find out if he really wanted to dive into the deep end of the Club Racing pool. Short story is we didn't win a fourth GTA Championship, but he DID figure out that he's ready for this stuff. Things went very well indeed - well enough that he's planning to run a full SARRC season in Cuervo in 2015!

The other big change came in August when I resigned my position as SCCA's Director of Club Racing. Again the details are in the story, but after (not) seeing how I'd fit into the new president's game plan for the National Staff I decided to return to the data processing world that's kept me in the style I've become accustomed for 40 years. It was a good run, I believe we created something special with the Majors program, and I very much enjoyed working with SCCA members all over the country, but in the end it was time for her to bring in someone more appreciative of her management style.

Despite that setback it was overall a good year, and I can't wait to see what 2015 will bring.

See y'all at the track...