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2013 - First Quarter

In my last Update of 2012 I talked about hopefully being ready to run the Road Atlanta Majors over the March 15-17 weekend. Between work commitments and the weather I didn’t get Cuervo back together in time to do that, but I HAVE actually gotten out to the shop in the last couple of weeks. The goal now is to have him ready to run the May 18-19 Time Trials event at Road Atlanta as a shakedown run, then run three Northern Conference Majors weekends – the first SCCA event at the newly reconfigured Michigan International Speedway road course May 23-26 (Memorial Weekend), the June Sprints three weeks later (our first time ever at Road America), and close out our Majors schedule with the dual conference weekend at Gateway the first weekend in August – then head home again for the ARRC by GRM at Road Atlanta. And since I’ll be in Topeka most of the summer I’ll also try to run the drag strip at Heartland Park at least once so we can finally answer the question we get asked most often, “What’ll she turn in the quarter? 

And as always, then longer story:

= = = = = =

Boredom has not been a problem.  To date I’ve attended three conventions of various sizes, made four trips to Kansas, and have attended all five US Majors Tour  weekends. And during two of our “off” weekends Harriett & I went to Florida to observe the passing of my 63rd year and on another weekend celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary with thirty or so friends, so it has indeed been a busy three months. 

Since managing the Majors is the primary responsibility in my new job, one of the biggest things I’ve learned is different geographical areas of our club conduct races in very different ways. Things that I’ve taken for granted as being “the way things are done” in the Southeast simply aren’t applicable in other parts of the country. One thing I can say, however, is that I’ve been VERY pleasantly surprised with the reaction of the drivers to the program. I’ll admit that when I accepted the job in July 2012 I wasn’t 100% convinced this is the right path to help rebuild SCCA’s top level of Club Racing, but any reservations I might have had then are out now the window! While the Majors program is certainly not for everyone, feedback from drivers attending the events has demonstrated this is something a significant portion of our membership has been looking for. No one is ready to say the Majors program is the only factor, but the fact remains that even excluding the event at CoTA (which we did not run in 2012) EVERY 2013 Majors event has had increased participation over the comparable event in 2012. Increased participation means better competition, so even if you’re not a driver you should check out an upcoming event if one is nearby.

On a personal note we’ve actually started working on Cuervo again after letting him sit in the shop for three months. The transmission I tore up at Road Atlanta in November is out and headed for Ron Farris’ shop in Virginia to be rebuilt, I’ve got just about everything off the car that needs rebuilding and new parts are on the way. As I wrote above, then goal is to run the TT sessions at Road Atlanta in May as a shakedown run, then haul everything up to Michigan a week later, Road America for the June Sprints (which appropriately enough happen in June each year), then the Gateway Majors event in St. Louis the first weekend in August. That would give me three Northern Conference Majors weekends (six races) and if things go well (i.e. – nobody fast shows up) I could actually contend for the conference GT2 title! <g>

Here is the current schedule we’ve got planned for the 2013 BK Racing season: 

Apr 18-21

Danville VA

Assist with the VIR round of the US Majors Tour

May 17-19

Braselton GA

Testing at Road Atlanta

May 23-26

Brooklyn MI

Race & Assist with the MIS round of the US Majors Tour

May 31-Jun 2

Millville NJ

Assist with the NJMP round of the US Majors Tour

Jun 13-17

Elkhart Lake WI

Race & Assist with the Road America round of the US Majors Tour (the June Sprints)

Jul 3-7

Portland OR

Assist with the PIR round of the US Majors Tour

Aug 2-4

St. Louis MO

Race & Assist with the Gateway round of the US Majors Tour

Sep 14-22

Elkhart Lake WI

Assist with the 50th SCCA Runoffs

Nov 1-3

Braselton GA

Race at the 20th ARRC by GRM at Road Atlanta

See y’all at the track…