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2012 Summary

The goals for BK Racing's 2012 season started out like most others since we moved to the GTA class in 2005 - run just a bit faster than we can afford while trying to win a fourth SARRC Championship and continue helping to make the Atlanta Region competition program the best it can be. Things were complicated a bit by last July's Turn Five wreck at Road Atlanta, but after briefly contemplating retiring from driving plans were put into place to get Cuervo back together. I again instructed at the Roebling Road Drivers' School in February, helped organize and conduct the March Double National at Road Atlanta, used the TGPRi Track Trials event to test Cuervo, then earned our first 2012 SARRC points with a fifth place finish at Daytona in May. Mechanical issues prevented me from racing at the May Road Atlanta Rational (National/SARRC) event, but we showed good speed in qualifying (consistent 1:32's) and introduced two new people to the joys of driving a GTA car. On May 19 (Saturday of that Rational weekend), however, the direction of our entire season (and my life) changed.

That afternoon I got a phone call from Jeff Dahnert, President of SCCA. I had gotten to know Jeff after we both had applied for the position in 2008 and I greatly admire the job he's done heading up our club. After exchanging pleasantries ("Whatcha doing?", "I'm at the Road Atlanta Rational.", etc.) he said he had a "possible opportunity" for me if I was still interested in being involved with SCCA at a National level. I replied that I was, and we made plans to discuss things further the following Monday. Obviously that conversation led to further developments and on July 6, 2012, it was announced I had been hired as SCCA's new Director of Club Racing!

I had to miss the July Double SARRC at Road Atlanta due to (new) job responsibilities, which put paid to any chances we had of competing for another championship. But then we returned to my SCCA roots by running the June 23-24 "Chase the Dragon II" hill climb (while not being able to tell anyone about my new job - THAT was difficult), finished fourth and second (of nine) at Charlotte in August, reminded myself why I don't like racing at Barber in September, and then finished the year (and my tenure as Atlanta Region's Competition Director) with a fourth of ten GTA cars at the ARRC by GRM the first weekend in November.

So 2012 was a somewhat disappointing year from a driving perspective, but I'm now working at a job in an industry that I'm passionate about - a job I'd do for free if I could afford to. I can hardly wait to see what 2013 will bring!

See y'all at the track...