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2011 Summary

Although the 2011 season was a disappointment from a driving perspective (finally got Cuervo repaired after backing into the Turn 3 wall at the 2010 ARRC by GRM only to auger in at Turn 5 the first weekend back!), but we got a lot accomplished off the track:

  • Gregg Rodgers & I were heavily involved in the creation of TransAm's new-for-2011 TA2 rules. It is indeed true that no one was harmed in in the process, but that was primarily because he's in Texas and I'm not! <g>.
  • We also managed to get the GTA Compliance Team concept approved by the SEDiv officials and attended a number of events to roll that program out.
  • And while I did not get to drive at the 2011 ARRC by GRM I still helped organize the event as Atlanta Region's Competition Director and, despite a flagging economy, the event had the most number of overall entries since 2007.

So we're making some positive strides in other areas and while I (again) ended the year with a broken race car we're making progress at getting it back together. In 2012 I expect we'll make another attempt at the elusive fourth GTA SARRC title and have a whole lotta fun turning money into noise!

See y'all at the track...