Welcome to BK Racing
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Welcome to BK Racing! 


For over forty years, the founding member of B.K. Racing, LLC, has been dedicated to living the maxim reportedly attributed to Roger Penske - - "a race car is one of the most efficient means known to man for turning money into noise." Since he first started modifying and autocrossing VW Beetles during his college days in the late 60’s, Butch Kummer has constantly focused on going just a little bit faster than he can afford.

This website is an attempt to chronicle the efforts of Butch and friends as they moved from VW’s to street Corvettes to purpose-built tube frame GT cars where the only pieces with Chevrolet part numbers are the tail light lenses. Although Butch’s formative years were spent watching stock cars on ovals, all his cars have been capable of turning right as well as left. Hopefully the best is yet to come, but from parking lots in Florida to mountain roads in Carolina to the high banks of Daytona it’s been a helluva ride already. We’d like to share some of it with you.

May 2015 - while updating the website I once again came across the video AiM produced at the 2013 Runoffs, an event I am proud to have been a part of making happen. Some says it’s because of the music, but it continues gives me goosebumps all over and it’s STILL one of the best explanations I’ve ever seen for why we do what we do: 


Let’s make some noise, and may you enjoy it as much as we have…